Welcome to The Kenwood. Fine food in a fine enough setting.

The Kenwood restaurant sits a few twists from Lake of the Isles in the Kenwood neighborhood of Minneapolis. Chef Don Saunders’ vision is to serve the neighborhood what it wants in the way of coffee, pastries, breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner while tempting outsiders with some of the Twin Cities’ finest casual dining.

The Kenwood menu is both approachable and adventurous. It features seasonally fresh and locally sourced ingredients plus a tasteful offering of wine and beer. Never fussy, always elegant and ever changing. Stop by if you’re in the neighborhood.


A regional, seasonal, European neighborhood kind of joint.

Fall Menu Is Up!!!

Summer seemed way too short, indeed.  But for beautiful, hearty ingredients, we love Fall more than any other season.  Our menus will get a lot of amazing new additions on Wednesday, September 26th.  Note - We will be closed for breakfast, brunch and snack time that day to prepare for all the changes and reopening for dinner at 5:00pm.  Come check out the last few weeks of our summer menu and join us after the 26th for the brand new Fall dishes!